God's Redemption Necklace
God's Redemption Necklace
God's Redemption Necklace

God's Redemption Necklace

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Once the cruelest form of execution is now a symbol of abundant life and LOVE! The Cross means many things to many people. Some have it displayed on their mantel, while others wear it around their neck.

The beautiful design of the cross necklace symbolizes the suffering of Jesus Christ for each of us. His love for humanity was so great that he decided to die for our sins. Put on this necklace to prove your faith and be a bold witness to Christ.

基督教教徒圣物钛钢男士十字架吊坠 不锈钢耶稣守护神项链批发
Chain length: 50cm / 20 Inches
Pendant: 5.8cm * 3.1cm
Material: titanium steel (prevents allergies)
Color: gold, silver, gold and silver
God's Redemption Necklace Cross Necklace serves as a constant reminder of the LOVE Christ has for us. Wear this necklace proudly to remind everyone about the LOVE He has for us! 

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